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Clothing Store Coupons

How to Find Clothing Store Coupons



Looking to save money on clothes? Don't go shopping for clothes without coupons in hand. Maybe you didn't think you could use coupons for clothes but, you would be incorrect. There are many coupons available both online and in local advertising. Look for coupons for clothing in the mail, as many national clothing stores use direct mail coupons. You can also search online for coupons that can be used to get discounts on clothes. You certainly should not have to pay full price when buying clothes or almost anything else.


If you go to a local clothing store, check right inside the door for coupons or weekly flyers. You can start saving money the second you walk in the door. Don't throw out coupons just because they are expired. Many retailers will still honor a coupon that has recently expired. Most of the stores offer discount racks where you can still use coupons even on the sale items. I recently purchase a high end shirt which listed for $89. The shirt was on the discount rack and with a coupon from inside the door I save an additional 10%. Out the door the shirt was only $12 and it looks like an expensive garment.


Coupons for clothes usually allow you to purchase as much as you desire. This allows you to purchase and save big. Buy at the off time of the year for the items you need. Wait for seasonal sales and buy after the most recent season and use kohls promo codes. You will end up looking great at a bargain rate. Coupons used to buy clothes are commonly found in the Sunday newspaper and feature local vendors. Here is a trick to use that may stretch the value of your clothing coupon. Try to use your clothes coupon at a vendor other than the one listed on the coupon. It may sound a little crazy, but competition being what it is, they may just honor a competitor's coupon to make a sale and steal a customer at the same time.


Coupons for clothing deals are available for men, women and children alike. Don't be shy when using coupons, ask the sales clerk if there are any additional deals or coupons available that you may not be aware of. Ask if there is going to be an upcoming sale and use your coupons for clothes at that time. Some stores have double coupon days and senior discount days, on which you can use your coupons and save even more. View for information about coupons.